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"easy, effortless beauty"

Looking good isn’t about glossy magazines, but about discovering your individual beauty and knowing how to bring that out. It's confidence in the way you look and feel, and how you present to the world.

From Drab to Fab / Before and After

We love to inspire women, from teenagers to grandmothers, to feel great about the way they look. 

Most of our clients come to us to learn how to look effortless and natural and simply beautiful. But 'natural' doesn't mean doing nothing! It's about learning the right colours, skills and products to use to achieve a look that works for you.

You’ll be surprised to find that sometimes a few simple changes like less foundation, the right colour blush, and shaping your eyebrows make a huge difference to the way you look and feel. We’ll give you the skills and confidence to make those changes.

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  • "I haven't stopped thinking about colour and how that reflects my inner image since I left you. Can't wait to have the haircut. I will definitely call in to show you. Once again, thank you for the inspiration and change of old mind set about myself, not only the aesthetic but on a deeper level as well. You certainly have been a wonderful gift to me"


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  • "I had a wonderful time yesterday, the family loved the look. Thank you!  I love it - I was grease free for the remainder of the day. The colour is really lovely too. And my lips, WOW talk about stayability - the colour lasted from 1.30pm until after dinner."


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  • "I am pleased with the look. It looks much more natural and dewy. That foundation and brush is fantastic though. So much better than anything I was using before. I always felt it looked as if my skin was flaking off, so this is much, much better.  I am a tricky one. Complex personality, complex skin and colour range.  You did great work Petrina. Thanks again."


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  • "I did really enjoy the make-over. As I only have about 15 minutes to get dressed and out the door - I really love the cheek stain and mascara, and do wear them every day. You explained the techniques really well, and it wasn't hard for me to do. Really worthwhile experience. I also really like the lipsticks."


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