Complexion Perfector




The Complexion Perfector is a unique hybrid product that simplifies your quest for the flawless face while delivering authentic skin care benefits. The silky, weightless formula transforms skin into the perfect canvas for makeup. Unlike a primer that begins the process of preparing skin for makeup, the Perfector finishes it.

It hydrates, plumps, smooths, blurs and mattifies the skin while creating grip. Like Ultra Foundation, the Complexion Perfector embodies safe and inclusive beauty, suitable for all ages, skin types and tones. Its superior hydration and soft-focus optical blurring effect particularly benefit dry, mature and troubled skin. The sodium hyaluronate in the formula is proven to reduce inflammation and symptoms of rosacea in adults.

The Complexion Perfector not only helps your makeup look better and last longer – it’s potent skin care. With the inclusion of 6 superstar active ingredients in the serum like cream formula, the Perfector is an extremely effective moisturizer. Regular use will help your skin look younger, hydrated, smoother and healthier because the active levels of key ingredients improve skin at a cellular level. An active ingredient is scientifically proven to do it what it claims to do if there’s an optimal level of the ingredient in the formula. Contrary to popular opinion, actives don’t have to appear near the top of an ingredient list to be effective. They could be in the bottom half because a low percentage can often deliver peak results. Higher amounts could have the same effect but may also result in skin irritation and inflammation.


Before applying foundation, put 1-2 pumps onto the tips of your fingertips and tap the product into the skin, taking a moment to pat each section and hold. Never pull or rub and be extra careful around the delicate eye area. The Perfector is authentic skincare so it can be used at night as well.

Patting is a Japanese skincare technique. For centuries women in Japan have patted lotions onto their skin instead of rubbing. Skincare guru Chizu Saeki also claims in her book ‘The Japanese Skincare Revolution’ that patting stimulates blood flow to aid cell rejuvenation, helps with lymphatic drainage and most importantly, muscle tone to firm.

Because the Perfector is a moisturizer that hydrates the skin, you may not need a moisturizer before applying it, especially if you have oily skin. It’s also acts as a mattifier that helps keep oil from breaking through makeup.

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