Corporate Image & Grooming

For Executive, Front Line and Service Staff

Personal appearance is crucial in the world of business.  How an employee presents her or himself affects not only their own career opportunities, but also the entire visual integrity of the company.

People notice details with regard to personal presentation and grooming.

We love to work with professional men and women who care about themselves, how they communicate and the impression they make socially and in the workplace.


Personal Branding and Presentation for Qantas Airways

As Image and Presentation Consultant to businesses such as Qantas Airways, Helloworld and Westfield Group, Petrina and her team have trained staff from service personnel to flight attendants and executive assistants.

"Petrina has been instrumental in the development of our training programs, offering ideas, suggestions, advice and expertise.  She has developed a series of looks within our brand guidelines that really work for our staff... her professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to outcomes has never faltered... her delivery style combines extensive industry knowledge with warmth, care and a genuine desire for all individuals to succeed."

Lisa Kavanagh, Manager Learning and Development, Customer Experience
Qantas Airways Limited

Qantas: 'Next Generation Check-In' campaign


Contact Us at the Studio with your specific requirements and we'll tailor a course to suit your business.

  • I found the hair and makeup workshop very insightful. Petrina and Nisha made it look so easy and offered lots of encouragement and help (as it turned out it was a lot more complex!) I feel like I can use all these tips and tricks in my everyday life.

    Thank you!

  • Loved the hair and makeup course. Learnt many new tips. The makeup was beautiful and hair product great. The ladies are very lovely and helpful. The new ground schools will love it!

  • Such a wonderful grooming day. All information was very relevant to our job. The demonstration was interesting and made the hair styles look easy and effortless. All the products used really helped create the styles.

  • The session is absolutely great and helpful.

    Petrina has taught us many hair styles and tricks to look professional and up to standard every day.

    I personally really enjoyed this class and I am going to take home lots from today. I would like to thank Petrina for her patience, professionalism and for being so nice to all of us.

    The day was overall fantastic.


    Sara Garritano

  • Thanks so much for today I had a great day and learnt a lot of great tips for hair and makeup even though I’ve done grooming courses and flown before!

    Thanks, Kelly

  • Today was insightful, fun and was really good to learn all those new things about hair and makeup we do everyday!

    Even with a big group everyone got some personal tips


  • It was a great day, I learnt so much from the instructions and you could tell Petrina really knew what she was talking about.

    Fun Day!

  • What an amazing day! Finally found a way to do my hair in the mornings before work that quick and easy, and also looks amazing.

    I’ve had my makeup done many times before but now I’ve learnt a few things about applying eyes shadow and different products to use that i’ll carry al through life.

    Thank you ladies!

    Samantha Fhuetsova

  • I thought that today’s hair and makeup sessions were extremely helpful. The trainers had an extensive knowledge on both hair and makeup, and I know that I will be using everything that I have learnt everyday at work when i’m getting ready!

    Thank you!

  • Petrina and her assistant have been amazing, I’ve never had a grooming day before and have learnt so much. They are very patient and explain everything so well. I really appreciate all the help.

    Qantaslink - Jen Rendl

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